A Fan Formally Apologized to Sana for Making Her Sad at TWICE’s Fan Signing

He was probably just nervous.

A YouTuber and a huge TWICE fan named Bogyum recently uploaded a post titled, “Let Me Explain What Happened with Sana at TWICE’s Fan Signing“.

The video he shared showed his reaction to Sana looking sad because of his behavior at TWICE’s fan signing.


Ahead of this event, Bogyum drew a lot of attention with his joy of having to win a ticket to the fan signing.

But in a video of their interaction, Bogyum was seen quickly taking off right after getting her autograph when Sana attempted to strike up a conversation with him.


After seeing him take off so quickly, Sana made a sad pouty face, which made Bogyum exclaim, “Oh my god. What did I do?

He then kneeled in front of his fans as well as TWICE’s fans and expressed, “I am very sorry.

Check out the full reaction video below:

Source: Insight