TWICE Sana’s Favorite Part About Making “Feel Special” Was All About Mina

She missed her so much.

In an interview with teen magazine J-14, TWICE shared their favorite parts about making their album Feel Special.


Since Mina had previously taken a break to recover her health, Sana couldn’t hold back in revealing which part of making the album had been special.

What held the most importance for her was reuniting with Mina. It let the whole group spend time together for rehearsals and recording sessions. The feeling was something Sana couldn’t forget when thinking back on it.

My favorite thing was having Mina back after break. It was the best to have all 9 members together for rehearsal and recording. It was great having all of us come together as one again.

Because of how meaningful Mina’s return had been, she emphasized the importance of being together as nine members because they’re all on the same wavelength when it comes to their thinking.

I believe that we all think in a very similar way.

Sana wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Mina agreed as well that reuniting with them had been the most memorable part of recording the album.

Sana wasn’t the only one who’d missed Mina; they all had. They agreed that nothing beats TWICE as nine.

Source: J-14