TWICE’s Sana Reveals Why Only Female Fans Ask For Her “Hand In Marriage”

Sana views this all positively!

In a recent live broadcast, TWICE‘s Sana spoke about why only female fans ask for her “hand in marriage.”

TWICE’s Sana

A fan asked Sana if she would marry them in the live broadcast.

Sana laughed and shared that in 2021 and 2020, the most common thing fans said to her was, “Will you marry me?

Sana then shared that in the past, she said the people who were asking her to marry them were all women. Male fans heard this and told Sana that they wanted to ask the question too, but they couldn’t.

Female fans then started speculating that male fans didn’t ask Sana to marry them since it “might be taken too seriously.”

And I also saw the female fans who asked me to marry them, speculating that the male fans couldn’t say that because it might be taken too seriously.

— Sana

Sana is appreciative of all this and believes that it means everyone likes her.

Sana sure is beloved by many people!

Source: Naver Live