The Words TWICE’s Sana Loves To Hear Most From Non-Fans

Even Jihyo agreed about how heartwarming the words were.

Since TWICE is always grateful for the kind words that fans say, Sana took a moment to show appreciation for the kind words said by non-fans.

Sana | @m.by__sana/Instagram

When a fan praised them for being genuinely kind and appreciative, TWICE was touched by the words. Jihyo talked about their strong teamwork, prompting Sana to point out that it wasn’t always easy. She said, “There are also things we individually feel, and that’s not always easy to detect from the other person’s perspective.

So when non-fans can pick up on the small details and realize how close the TWICE members are, it brings them joy. Sana said, “But when I hear from people who may not even be our fans say that TWICE has a really good relationship with one another, it makes me so happy.

Many agreed, especially Jihyo, who said, “Yes, it warms my heart.” Another member even said, “It’s our biggest happiness.

Because many groups face negativity from various sources, TWICE were thankful for the non-fans who may not listen to their music but could appreciate them as people.

| @m.by__sana/Instagram

See Sana talk about the kind words from non-fans that touch their hearts.