Fans Notice That TWICE Sana And (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Have This One Thing In Common

They’re more similar than you might think.

TWICE‘s Sana and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon are both talented vocalists, but these beautiful celebs have something else in common too. They are both unofficially in charge of their group’s…




There’s no denying that Sana is one of K-Pop’s reigning Queens of Klutziness.


She’s pretty much a walking slapstick show…


…and has been known to accidentally involve her members in her comedy routine.


Miyeon isn’t nearly as klutzy as Sana is (because is anyone?), but she has had her moments, like when she took a swing with this golf club…


…and tripped over her own feet at a concert.


Like Sana, Miyeon looks like a goddess, even when she blunders.


She is able to smile her way through embarrassing situations like this one…


…and go on with the show, like a true professional!


ONCEs find Sana’s clumsiness endearing…


…and (G)-IDLE stans feel the same way about Miyeon!


Miyeon may only be slightly clumsy now, but who knows? If she keeps this up, maybe she will earn a spot beside Sana in the Klutzy K-Pop Hall of Fame!

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