Here’s The Hair Color TWICE’s Sana Isn’t Allowed To Try—Though She Wants To

“Everyone is telling me not to.”

Although TWICE‘s Sana is so stunning that she’s pulled off different hair colors and hairstyles, she revealed there’s one color that everyone’s been warning her to stay away from.


During her sit-down with Cosmopolitan, the magazine asked Sana if there were any particular things she wanted to do for Christmas. Although riding horses was her first thought, she had an idea for changing up her hair.

Sana wanted to let her hair grow and had the perfect way to make the transition smoother.

She wanted to “do a dark two-tone to cover it up” as her hair grew, giving it dimension and some color. While the idea seems like a good one, Sana revealed that it wasn’t met with the response she expected.

Bursting into laughter, Sana shared how the people around her reacted to the idea. She said, “Everyone is telling me not to.

Despite their rejections, Sana is holding out hope that she’ll be able to do it in the future.

If Sana looks this good with purple highlights and cool-toned blonde, she would make the dark two-tone look just as beautiful.

See Sana talk about the changes to her hair she wished she’d gone into the new year with but wasn’t given the green light to.