TWICE’s Sana And Jeongyeon Once Revealed What They Would Like To Steal From Each Other

They have something the other wants.

In 2018, TWICE‘s Sana and Jeongyeon appeared on Starry Night Radio together and answered questions about themselves from curious fans.

Sana (left) and Jeongyeon (right)

For one of the questions, they were asked what they would do if they were given the opportunity to exchange bodies.

If the two of you can exchange bodies for a day, is there anything you would want to do?

— Starry Night Radio

Jeongyeon said she wants to try having Sana’s adorable manner of talking.

Something I want to do? For me…[I want] Sana’s way of talking—her way of talking with aegyo. I want to walk around in that way.

— Jeongyeon

She explained that Sana is the best at saying something cutely even if it sounds cringey on other people.

You know, right? The way Sana gives a comment. When saying a comment, it’s [usually] so cringey, but Sana is so good at it, and she definitely doesn’t think it’s cringey.

— Jeongyeon

As an example, Jeongyeon imitated how Sana talks to fans, saying with a high-pitched voice, “Our ONCE~

Sana, on the other hand, admitted that she wants Jeongyeon’s athleticism. She would join MBC‘s Idol Star Athletics Championships and run to her heart’s content.

If I became Jeongyeon, I want to exchange our bodies on the day of ISAC and run freely.

— Sana

Jeongyeon clarified, “Sana is really bad at running,” which Sana happily agreed to!

See more of Sana and Jeongyeon in the full video below.

Source: YouTube