TWICE’s Sana Pronounces a New Word in the Most Adorable Way

The beloved “cheese kimbap” Sana is back.

On February 22, TWICE uploaded a footage from the 33rd Golden Disc Awards on their official YouTube account.

In the footage, Jeongyeon and Sana were captured preparing gifts for the fans who would be attending the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships.

Jeongyeon was working very hard on making polaroid photo cards for their fans, while Sana complimented how well the photos turned out and said she wanted them for herself.

When Jeongyeon firmly turned her down and said that they were for their fans, Sana simply responded with, “I’m going to be at the Idol Star Athletics Championships, too. I wish our ONCE fans can be the host instead of me.

That’s when Jeongyeon teased Sana by suggesting that their ONCE fans would probably speak Korean more fluently, to which Sana simply said, “Of course. I’m a foreigner.

Sana, who was in the middle of reading her script as one of the hosts of the 2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships, said there were many difficult words and made viewers laugh by saying, “Something, something, please look favorably upon me.

She then remembered what it actually was, which was, “Anyway, please look favorably upon me“, and said it in the most adorable way for her fans.

When Momo started practicing that word as well, Sana made the viewers laugh once more by saying, “Don’t worry. We probably won’t have to use this word ever again for the rest of our lives.

Not only is Sana’s way of learning and pronouncing new words adorable, but her comical attitude about it makes her even more lovable.

Listen to adorable Sana saying, “Anyway, please look favorably upon me” in the footage below from 5:10 to 5:20:

Source: Insight