TWICE Sana Left Korean Netizens In Awe With This Body Feature

“I can’t tell if she’s a human or fairy.”

Korean netizens recently revealed their admiration for Sana’s slim figure. In particular, they’re wowed by her slender arms and the fact that she doesn’t have any fat bulge (which is completely normal) around her armpit.

Because of her delicate appearance, at least one netizen expressed that they can’t tell whether she’s a person or a fairy.

Can’t tell if she’s a human or a fairy. Every time I see her she becomes more beautiful.

In addition to her slender arms, they’ve also been showing an appreciation for the sharp angle of her shoulders.

I know this is random, but Sana has really nice shoulders. Mine look like a hanger, but hers are 90 angles. I wish my shoulders looked like that.

While most people collectively agree the most important thing is their idol’s health, it’s nice to see body positivity of all kinds discussed among fans.

Source: Nate