TWICE’s Sana Made The First Move In Getting Close To Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung

There was more to those Christmas Eve photos than fans thought.

Months ago, TWICE‘s Sana and Cosmic GirlsYeonjung uploaded photos of the time they’d spent together on Christmas Eve. Since no one knew they were friends at the time, it was a pleasant surprise to fans.

During a recent live broadcast, Yeonjung opened up about how they became close friends.

One day, Sana was talking with their manager and mentioned Yeonjung. Pointing out how cute she thought Yeonjung was, Sana voiced her wish to be closer to the fellow idol and become friends.

Taking the reins, TWICE’s manager ended up in contact with Cosmic Girls’ manager, telling them what Sana had said.

When her manager told her the news, Yeonjung had been thoroughly surprised. Even so, it turned out that she felt the same way as Sana and wanted to become close friends as well.

Funnily enough, the first time they’d ended up meeting by themselves was on Christmas Eve. The photos from that day, they’d turned out to mean more than fans had initially thought, marking how close they’d become.

If Sana hadn’t said anything to her manager, the two might have never grown as close as they are now, even when running into each other during promotions. Fans will be looking forward to more cute moments from their friendship.