TWICE Sana Kept Receiving Marriage Proposals From Female Fans, So Momo Gave Her Funny Advice

“So many of them are asking to marry me… and, they are girls.” – Sana

Since anything can happen with a bit of luck and effort, everyone is encouraged to go after what they want. That includes “shooting their shot” with an idol, which female ONCEs were quick to do with TWICE‘s Sana.

During Momo and Sana’s latest live broadcast together, many fans voiced their wish for the latter to marry them.

As she read the comments, Sana was surprised to see such a high number of the same proposal, “So many of them are asking to marry me in the comments. They are growing every time.

What genuinely shocked Sana was that the majority of the comments weren’t made by men. Instead, they were all from female fans, “And, they are girls.” Momo was just as surprised, “Seriously?

Smiling, Sana read one of the proposals out loud before laughing from how adorable she found them, “Can you please marry me? Cute.” Seeing a chance to give advice, Momo told her how she could respond.

Rather than providing her with an excuse to turn the fans down, Momo encouraged her to accept, “Go ahead. Yes, go ahead and marry her. Sure.

Although she jokingly had Momo’s blessing, Sana had another idea in mind. Her top priority was staying by her members’ side as nine, “I should be TWICE.

No one could blame fans for trying. Whether female, male, or any other identity, everyone wouldn’t mind having Sana by their side.

See Sana look over all the marriage proposals with Momo, beginning from 32:21.