TWICE’s Sana And Momo Loved Nutella So Much As Trainees That They Broke The Rules For It

But Sana now regrets it!

How much do you love the world-famous spread, Nutella?

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For TWICE‘s Sana and Momo, they went so far as to hide it under their beds as trainees!

Sana, Momo, and Nayeon held a live broadcast together in the past, and their conversation naturally drifted to the topic of Nutella. Sana warned Nayeon not to get addicted to it because of how easy it is to gain weight from it.

It’s scary if you get addicted to Nutella. It’s really fattening.

— Sana

Nayeon was surprised to hear that. She never made the connection that her past weight gain was caused by eating the spread.

Really? I never thought that I gained weight because of Nutella. I thought it was something different. Was it Nutella?

— Nayeon

To prove that she knows what she’s talking about, Sana revealed that she and Momo used to sneak it under their beds as trainees.

Momo and I each ate a jar of Nutella every night.

— Sana

Smiling, Momo shared that they loved pairing it with strawberries.

We hid them under the bed. We dipped strawberries in them.

— Momo

Sana clarified that they didn’t just eat a spoon or two but an entire jar! “One every day, right?” Momo confirmed it, replying, “Yes.

Knowing how delicious Nutella is, it’s no wonder Sana and Momo ate a jar every day!

Source: Naver