TWICE’s Sana And Nayeon Showed Perseverance When Faced With A Crafting Challenge

Who knew beaded jewelry could be so tough?

After an incredible comeback, TWICE have been taking a well deserved break in their YouTube series “TIME TO TWICE” TDOONG Forest. 

Jihyo and Boo taking a nap. | TWICE/YouTube 

In the most recent episode, the girls have just finished cooking their lunch and are now able to enjoy some light crafting in the great outdoors.

Some members chose to decorate plain white t-shirts and shoes. | TWICE/YouTube 

Nayeon and Sana chose to craft at the beadwork station where they could make their own bracelets and necklaces.

(Welcome, Sana) | TWICE/YouTube 

Sana revealed that she chose this craft because she used to make beaded jewelry when she was younger.

“I used to do this so much when I was young.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Nayeon shared that she might even begin making the craft at the dorms because it eases her stress.

“I think I might do it at the dorm too. It eases my stress.” | TWICE/YouTube 

However, as Nayeon was checking to make sure the necklace was long enough, all of that stress returned. After letting go of the end she thought was safe to release, all of the beads she’d been working so hard to string together fell off.

(The necklace is almost done) | TWICE/YouTube 

(Nayeon’s necklace needs a do-over…) | TWICE/YouTube 

The staff then revealed to her that she had been working on the necklace for over an hour when it had fallen apart.

“Over an hour?”  | TWICE/YouTube 

When trying again, both Sana and Nayeon had their beaded creations fall apart within minutes of being made.

“Look. Look here.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Nayeon then ominously asked Sana “What if it comes undone again?” 

“What if it comes undone again, Sana?” | TWICE/YouTube 

Within seconds of this being asked, Sana was holding up her bracelet to examine her hard work when disaster struck again. Her bracelet fell and the beads escaped.

(Undone again…) | TWICE/YouTube 

Where Nayeon had initially let out a small yelp when her beads fell, Sana’s reaction to this loss was much more pronounced.

(Second reset) | TWICE/YouTube 

After multiple lost necklaces and bracelets, the pair finally made it to tying the beaded jewelry off. Before finishing, Nayeon took a picture on her phone to preserve her necklace in case it fell apart again.

“Put it through and tie it.” “Tie it?” | TWICE/YouTube 

“You’re gonna search for it?” “I’m gonna take a picture of this.” | TWICE/YouTube 

After persevering through multiple crafting defeats, the pair were able to complete their beaded jewelry, although Nayeon may want to rethink taking the craft back to the dorms. To see the rest of TWICE’s adventures check out the link below and let us know what you think of this beaded bonanza!

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