These 17 Photos Prove That Every Day With Sana Is A Win

Sana can make any day a good day.

Every single day with the members of TWICE is a huge blessing, after all, they make our day just a little bit brighter!


But as every ONCE knows, if there’s no Sana, there’s no life!

sana 2

There is a reason why “No Sana No Life” has become such a popular slogan inside the fandom! Every day with her in it feels like a complete win!

sana 9


Sana’s sweet and cheerful personality…

Sexy and oh so cute visuals…

sana 8


As well as her unforgettable vocals and dance moves…

And amazing ability to go viral by being her adorable self…

Are just a few of the many reasons why everyone can’t help but fall for Sana.

sana 12


Sana makes everyone’s day a little bit brighter and it doesn’t really matter what she’s doing!

sana 6

She could just be her normal clumsy self…


Or blowing everyone away on stage…

sana 10

But every day with Sana truly is special.

sana 5

Sana has firmly wiggled her way right into all of our hearts and now it’s hard to imagine any day without her!

sana 4


Some ONCEs have even wondered what is life without Sana?

sana 1

They’ve figured out that it would be a lot more gloomy…



A little more predictable…

And not nearly as wonderful.

Because as the saying goes “No Sana No Life” and as we all know, every day with Sana is a complete win!

. . .