TWICE’s Sana Picks Her Top 2 Favorite Stage Outfits

They both looked amazing on her.

Out of all the stage outfits that TWICE has worn, Sana revealed which two were her top favorites.

Sana’s first pick came from TWICE’s appearance at the 2020 SBS Gayo Daejun. She referred to a dress with a decoration across its front.

The long-sleeved dress was a black one that had white pearls on the shoulders and near the collar.


The pearls weren’t the only decoration that made the dress pop. Connected to the pearls were orange shapes with a beautiful sparkle.

Paired with a black belt, lace gloves, and a big bow, Sana looked striking. There was another look that stole the show, though.

The second look Sana liked was the complete opposite of the previous one. It was from their “Cry For Me” stage at the 2020 MAMA’s.

Instead of a dress, Sana wore a flowy white top and fitted black shorts. Making the shorts stand out, they were decorated with a belt of silver chains. The top was spiced up as well with a piece of long fabric attached to one side like a veil.

Sometimes, all it takes to make a look next level is the details. Watch Sana choose the stage outfits that were so chic she had to name them as her favorites.