TWICE Sana’s Deep Love For Her Members Shows Through What She Keeps In Her Bag

She carries them with her wherever she goes.

TWICE‘s Sana revealed to fans what’s in her bag in an interview with Vogue Korea, sharing her new hobby of taking photographs, and the moments she captures with the camera say a lot about her love for the people around her.

The first thing she took out of her bag was her film camera.


Sana said that she had wanted to buy a film camera for a long time, so when Jihyo recommended this camera to her, Sana didn’t hesitate and bought it right away.

Rather than taking pictures of herself, Sana prefers to take photos of her members and the staff, as she wants to capture the everyday moments and interactions.

From these few sentences alone, fans can see how full of love Sana is for TWICE and the people who care for her. The photos she takes serve as a way for her to freeze a moment of time and carry that joy with her into the future.

Besides taking pictures, Sana carries three photos with her everywhere she goes. Tucked into her wallet, Sana showed Vogue her most cherished memories in the form of polaroids.

The first polaroid Sana pulled out was of her and Jeongyeon, and she shared the date of when they took the picture with a huge smile.

The second polaroid is of her, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung from Idol Human Theater, and because the picture was so cute, she kept it with her.

The third and last polaroid is of all of TWICE from before they debuted. Sana said that they hadn’t even taken profile pictures yet at that time, so it’s a picture that holds a lot of nostalgia. With TWICE’s seventh anniversary coming up, she’s kept the image preciously for years.

There’s something so endearing about the fact that Sana brings these photos with her wherever she goes, and with her new hobby just getting started, there’s no doubt that she will be capturing many memories to cherish for a long time.

You can watch the full video below:


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