TWICE’ Sana Recently Lost A Ton Of Weight, Here’s What She Look Like Now

She looks even more gorgeous now.

TWICE’s Sana’s always been beautiful, with her long luscious hair and adorable aegyo to boot!


When she debuted back in 2015, she boasted adorable cheeks…

And puppy eyed cuteness.

Undeniably, fans of TWICE loved her as she was. And who can blame them? She was gorgeous!

But recently, netizens began to comment on how Sana has lost weight recently.

Fans and netizens especially focused on how she’s lost weight around her cheeks.

They also stated that it’s as though she’s reached a peak in her beauty after she lost weight.


They also commented that it’s a sexier and edgier version of Sana.

And it looks as though she’s simply embraced this new version of herself, because she’s totally owning the look!

But ONCEs know that it’s not whether she’s lost or gained weight that makes her either beautiful.

True fans will always love her for her silly and authentic personality!