TWICE’s Sana Reveals That Nayeon Once “Saved Her Life”

This is both scary and heartwarming!

During a recent episode of Radio Star, TWICE‘s Sana shared a story of when Nayeon “saved her life”.

TWICE’s Sana
TWICE’s Nayeon

Sana shared that this event took place when she was taking a bath.

When Sana got out of the tub, she suddenly started to feel dizzy. Not long after, Sana ended up passing out!


Luckily for Sana, Nayeon came in and was able to help her.

Nayeon then explained that Sana was taking a really long time to wash up, so she thought it was a little strange. She eventually decided to go check on her, but the door to the bathroom was locked.

Thankfully, Nayeon was able to force the door open. When she opened the door, she saw Sana lying unconscious on the floor and immediately helped her.