Sana Ripped Kangnam to Shreds on Happy Together

Sana totally showed him up!

You probably already know how great Sana‘s Korean is, but this episode of Happy Together proved her abilities in a hilarious way.

On an episode of Happy Together, Sana was asked what was the hardest part of adjusting to Korea.

In response, Sana said learning the language was the most difficult.

When Sana said that Kangnam, who is Korean-Japanese, sympathized with her and said he still couldn’t pronounce and word “monkey”.

When Sana was asked which word she had a hard time pronouncing, she said “butt” was difficult, and demonstrated it in an adorable way.

When Kangnam expressed his difficulty with the word as well, he was asked if he was mispronouncing things on purpose as the fellow Japanese star, Sayuri once suggested.

In response, Kangnam said she always spreads rumors like that, and that her Korean is better than his.

When he was asked if anything she said ever surprised him, he commended her cursing ability.

He explained that it comes from deep within and that she’s actually Korean inside when she swears.

This led them to wonder if Sayuri is just pretending to be Japanese.

They then proceeded to ask John Park if he had any difficulties with Korean pronunciation to which he responded with, “Not at all.”

When Kangnam was asked if he actually went to announcer classes to learn Korean, he said yes, and went on to say that he couldn’t even pronounce his own name.

He then asked Sana if she could pronounce “Kangnam”.

  • “Kangnam”

In response, Sana showed him up by pronouncing it perfectly.

This caused a lot of laughter and Kangnam asked, “If you say it well, what does that make me?”

They all continued to laugh and commend Sana’s Korean skills.

They even compared her to the announcer, Baek Ji Yeon.

You can watch the hilarious clip below:

Source: YouTube