A Translation Error In Official Subtitles Had ONCEs Convinced Sana Was Wilding During An Interview—Here’s What Happened

The translation couldn’t have been more wrong!

A translation error once made TWICE‘s Sana seem as if she’d decided to completely ignore an interview question and say whatever came to mind!

TWICE’s Sana | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE did an Ask in a Box interview as part of their promotions for “What Is Love?” During this interview, the members pulled random questions out of a box and answered them.

| 1theK/YouTube

 Chaeyoung pulled a question out of the box for Sana to answer. The question read, “If the members were a food, what would they be?” However, the official English translations said the question asked, “If the members were an animal, what would they be?”

Sana started answering the question by saying that Chaeyoung would be a mango because she likes to eat dried mango.

She decided Dahyun would be cup ramen. At this point, Nayeon chimed in to ask if Sana was listing the foods TWICE liked to eat, which made it seem as if she had noticed that Sana was listing foods even though the question asked her to list animals. However, Nayeon was simply asking if Sana was choosing the foods the members would be based on their personal favorite foods.

Sana said Jeongyeon would be an Americano because “she looks the coolest” when she’s walking around with a cup of coffee in her hand.

Sana decided Mina would be an avocado salad.

She said Nayeon would be “anything that others are eating” because she steals the members’ food.

Tzuyu would be a watermelon shake because she’d been craving one since she’d returned to South Korea from Thailand.

Sana decided that Jihyo would be a melon because “something juicy” suits her.

She said Momo would be a Pocari Sweat sports drink because the TWICE members were spokesmodels for the brand back then.

English-speaking ONCEs commented on the video to joke about what they assumed was Sana’s decision to switch her answer from the animals TWICE would be to the foods they would be. Due to the translation error, they had watched Sana list the foods all the members would be while thinking she had decided to ignore the actual interview question and created her own question instead. Because of the misunderstanding, they thought Sana was just being playful.

ONCEs who speak Korean helpfully pointed out the translation error to their fellow TWICE fans.

Sana’s answers were plenty funny enough without the misunderstandings caused by the translation error, so the interview is still worth a watch to see what she and the other members had to say!

Check out the full Ask in a Box interview below.