TWICE’s Sana Is Turning Heads With Her Effortless Beauty After A Long Day’s Work

She’s gorgeous 24/7 😍

TWICE‘s Sana is once again turning heads because of her unreal beauty!

Sana recently became a hot topic online for her stunning visuals in fan-taken photos—so much so that they were enough to stop people in their tracks.

The pictures were taken as Sana and the rest of TWICE made their way home. It’s hard to believe how fresh and glowing she still looked after a day’s work!

In the photos, Sana can be seen flashing her signature smile as she waved sweetly to ONCEs who waited for their appearance.

Fans who saw her couldn’t stop gushing over her beauty: “She’s so pretty ㅠㅠ Her aura in the pictures is so fresh and pretty“.

Her effortlessly chic outfit that day consisted of an oversized blazer and plain black turtleneck shirt. When it comes to fashion, Sana knows exactly what suits her.

She wore her hair parted in the middle with waves prettily framing her face.

In other words, she looks like a an angel on earth, and fans appear to think so, too: “Is she an angel? She’s too pretty. I don’t think she’s human, how can she be so pretty?

It’s true—how is it possible for someone so beautiful to exist? Sana really is one of a kind!

Source: theqoo