TWICE Sana’s Favorite Way To Show Affection Will Make You Jealous Or Scratch Your Head

Even when it comes to affection, Sana has a unique way to show it.

While TWICE‘s Tzuyu rarely shows her affection to her members, Sana never misses a chance to shower them in her unique way of being affectionate. During the group’s appearance on Radio Star, they exposed the uncommon way Sana shows her love.

As one of the hosts, Defconn mentioned that Jihyo knew of Sana’s particular habit. “Jihyo, you said you know Sana’s unique way of showing her affection.

Wasting no time diving in, Jihyo revealed that Sana couldn’t resist giving their ears a thorough cleaning. “Yes, Sana likes doing it so much. She cleans our ears so often.

When the hosts wondered how it was done, Jihyo shared that they lay on Sana’s lap as she takes care of them. “Yes. With our head on her lap, she cleans our ears.

Saying what anyone would think, Defconn brought up how unusual it may feel to have someone else do it. Jihyo confessed that it was the complete opposite and welcomed the comfort it brought, “It reminds me of my mom.

Sana’s cleaning of the members’ ears wasn’t limited to their dorm, either. Jihyo revealed that Sana would do it anywhere when they had time, mentioning a music video shoot they had footage from.

She doesn’t do it only in the dorm. While filming our music video, I was sitting next to her, waiting for my turn. She told me to come closer and cleaned my ears.

— Jihyo

Even Nayeon jumped in to include just how much Sana can’t stand to see one clump of earwax roaming free, “She can’t bear to leave it when she sees earwax.

Although cleaning earwax may not be someone’s favorite task and even more so if someone else does it for them, the fact that Sana cares so much about her members to do it gently and effectively proves her love.

After all, if Sana asked, who would refuse to let her clean their ears?