TWICE’s Sana Might Look Delicate, but She Can Actually Lift Her Own Body Weight

Her personal trainer was very impressed.

On the 7th of last month, one fitness trainer uploaded a selfie of herself with TWICE‘s Sana on her official Instagram account.


The post reads, “Sana successfully lifted 45 kilograms by doing leg presses today. It feels like it was just yesterday when she had a hard time lifting 15 kilograms… I have a lot to learn from her, who still manages to come out and exercise despite her very busy schedule…

Just as her post reads, a photo of Sana making a cute peace sign with her fingers in front of the barbells was included in the post she uploaded.

Sana is known to have a beautiful yet fragile physique that elicits a kind of protective instinct, so it could be considered very surprising that she’s capable of lifting 45 kilograms, which might very well be similar to her body weight.


It’s also commendable that Sana doesn’t forget to visit the gym even despite her very busy schedule ahead of TWICE’s comeback, and many would agree that she’s an example to follow.