TWICE Shares an Inspiring Instagram Story Involving Fortune Cookies

We love humble queens.

TWICE definitely hasn’t been feeling the early-year growing pains, and have been crazy active both on and off the stage in the days since 2019 begun.

While no comeback has been announced (yet), the girls have done their best to give ONCEs quality content in the meantime to show their love and appreciation.

Recently, they used fortune cookies to display their affection for ONCEs.

One of the members decided to post the fortune she had received that day (the hangul reads “today’s fortune cookie”) with ONCEs, no doubt because she felt that it was a message that was important to share.

As translated by u/1001twice on reddit, the fortune reads:

“It’s fine even if you’re not the first. You are always the best.”

It’s great to see that even with TWICE being as successful as they are, they are so down to earth. Using their platform to spread the importance of loving yourself to their fans is commendable, and just shows how humble the group is.

What a sweet message to give ONCEs to reflect on as 2019 begins.

Source: u/1001twice


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