TWICE Shows Off Halloween Costumes In New Commercial For Coca-Cola Brand Qoo

Get in the spirit of Halloween with TWICE!

TWICE appeared in the new TV commercial Let’s Halloween for the Coca-Cola brand Qoo. The brand’s mascot “Qoo” was with the girls who were dressed up in costume and makeup as they participated in a haropa (Halloween party). The theme song used for the CM was TWICE’s 4th Japan single “HAPPY HAPPY”.

Costumed Qoo and TWICE smile innocently in a room decorated in an excited and thrilling way for the Halloween holiday. Fans can enjoy the costumes of the members, and there are many things they can recreate themselves, such as hats, wearing ears, or face paint. The girls of TWICE would surely be happy if fans referred to them and used their costume and makeup as pointers.

In conjunction with the 20th anniversary of the Qoo brand, TWICE, who are special supporters of the brand since April, will be used not only for the TV commercials but also for “Qoo & TWICE Halloween Limited-Time Collaboration Bottles” and various digital campaigns linked th the products. The collaboration bottles have a total of 27 types—nine members with three flavors each.

For the digital campaign, Qoo & TWICE Halloween Special Movie will be released using a QR code printed on the product. Fans can enjoy a special video with a behind-the-scenes look at the Halloween party filming. In addition, there are numerous “Qoo & TWICE Halloween limited AR” that can be enjoyed by using the smartphone application “Coke ON”.

The Japanese national broadcast of the new commercial Let’s Halloween, collaboration bottles, and digital campaigns started on September 9.

Source: Oricon