TWICE Proves They’re Talented AF By Revealing They Co-Wrote Their New Songs

This makes their comeback extra special!

TWICE is gearing up for a comeback with “Feel Special.” What makes this one extra special is the fact that all the members were revealed to have participated in co-writing their B-sides!

The lyrics of “Rainbow” was written by Nayeon, “Get Loud” by Jihyo, “Trick It” by Dahyun and “Love Foolish” by Momo.

Probably the most special song is “21:29” which had lyrics contributed to by all of the members. The song is a gift to ONCEs in reply to the fan letters that the members receive.

Fans are unsurprisingly ecstatic with the news.

They pointed out that it is the first time that Dahyun’s and Tzuyu’s lyrics made it to the album.

It’s definitely a comeback to look forward to!