Here’s Which TWICE Song Jihyo Can’t Listen To Anymore

“It’s become one of those songs I can’t listen to.”

Having debuted over five years ago, TWICE may have songs they’ve heard one too many times or wish they could’ve done differently. Leader Jihyo recently shared hers.


During the group’s interview with Vanity Fair, they asked Jihyo which TWICE song she’d re-record. After hinting it was a title track and in Japanese, Nayeon quickly caught on.

Jihyo confirmed it was the Japanese version of their track “Like OOH-AHH” and had an understandable reason why.

She explained, “When I perform the Japanese version of this song… Every time I listen to the song, I think, ‘Why did I do it that way?’

It was so far from her full potential that Jihyo admitted, “It’s become one of those songs I can’t listen to.

Nayeon comforted her by pointing out it was only “the first time” they’d released a song in Japanese. That made Jihyo even more eager by saying, “That’s why I really want to re-record the song.

Although the song is far from Jihyo’s favorite, the Japanese version holds a special place in fans’ hearts.

See Jihyo talk about the understandable reason she’d love to re-record the track.


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