TWICE Spills On How They Can Be Together For A Long Time, Why They Are Loved By So Many, And More

Teamwork makes the dream work!

TWICE, who has recently returned with their new mini album, READY TO BE, held a Q&A session regarding the release. Before the comeback, they also dropped the English single, “MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,” and garnered much attention from fans worldwide.


TWICE members are known for being close to one another. Is there a special secret that has allowed the group to stay together for a long time?

Jeongyeon: The secret to strong relationships among members is…I’m curious too! (Laughs). Rather than a secret, the friends who know me best and sympathize with me are our members, so it’s always comfortable and fun. We’ve been together for a long time since we were trainees, soI think we naturally came to understand each other.

Momo: I think we couldn’t help but become close because we’ve been together for a long time, relying on each other for fun and hard work. All nine members are really nice and love being around people, and I think that’s why our relationship lasts for a long time.


You are predicting bigger global moves in 2023, such as attending the ‘Billboard Women in Music’ awards and appearing on various overseas programs. What do you think is the reason why TWICE is so loved by so many K-Pop fans?

Sana: I’m just grateful that K-Pop fans cherish and love TWICE’s music and performance. Also, I’ve seen a lot of people mention that the harmonious atmosphere and teamwork stand out on stage!

Mina: People like our teamwork and how we enjoy ourselves on stage.

Jihyo: The bright and positive energy comes from teamwork, various song genres, and active album activities.


Thanks to the amazing achievements of last year and the positive results that have poured in from the beginning of the year, TWICE’s first comeback in 2023 exceeded 1.7 million pre-orders as of March 7. They have set their own record once again and predicting a second consecutive million seller following their previous album.

Source: osen


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