Stray Kids’ Bang Chan Is A Proud “Older Brother” As He Speaks On TWICE Tzuyu’s Cover Of Taylor Swift’s “ME!”

Bang Chan concluded with a funny and heartwarming comment!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu recently released a cover of Taylor Swift‘s “ME!” and she covered the song alongside labelmate Stray KidsBang Chan!

TWICE’s Tzuyu | TWICE/YouTube
Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

In a live broadcast, Bang Chan watched the cover and had some heartwarming things to say! He shared that when Tzuyu asked him to help out, he said, “I will try to do a good job.”

Bang Chan also spoke about how much Tzuyu has grown. While Tzuyu debuted first, Bang Chan became a trainee first and is older than Tzuyu. Bang Chan praised how much Tzuyu has grown over the years.

I saw Tzuyu since she was very young, so I thought it was amazing that Tzuyu grew and improved so much. But, Tzuyu recorded really well, and she sings so well now. She seems so different from how I know her to be, so it feels very strange. She’s matured very much. I think Tzuyu has gotten much cooler.

— Bang Chan

Bang Chan thanked Tzuyu for the opportunity and said he’s glad the video turned out so beautifully!

He concluded by laughingly thanking Sally (Tzuyu’s English name) and asked STAYs (Stray Kids’ fandom) to show Tzuyu lots of love.

Here’s the full cover below!

Source: Naver Live

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