TWICE’s Sana Thought She Was Greeting A Stray Kids Member, But She Received An Unexpected Surprise

Sana was surprised when her manager told her the truth!

In a recent live broadcast, TWICE‘s Sana shared a story of how she thought she was greeting a Stray Kids member but ended up being wrong!

TWICE’s Sana
Stray Kids’ Bang Chan

Sana shared that recently when she was near a practice room, someone said hello to her, and she thought it was a Stray Kids member.

Sana said hello back to this person and then got on an elevator with her manager. Sana’s manager was a bit confused and asked Sana who the person she said hello to was.

Sana told her manager that a “Stray Kids member” said hello to her.

Sana was in for a surprise when her manager told her that the person she said hello to wasn’t a Stray Kids member!

Sana then realized that she had said hello to a stranger!

Sana laughed after sharing this story and apologized to the person for informally saying hello to them.

Sana can be quite “clumsy!”

Source: Naver Live