TWICE Members Are Sweet Sunbaes As They Take Care Of ITZY

The sweetest sunbaes ever!

Both TWICE and ITZY attended the SBS Gayo Daejeon and they wow-ed the crowd with their outstanding performances!

ITZY did well on their special stage where they performed a cover of their sunbae’s song! They performed their own rendition of TWICE’s “TT” and impressed both ONCEs and their own fans, MIDZYs!

TWICE and ITZY also showed their good relationship with each other at the end of the program where fans saw them giving hugs and chatting with each other.

Jihyo and Sana welcomed Ryujin and Chaeryeong with a hug, while Dahyun caught up with her hoobaes, and Nayeon making sure to stay with Lia until the end, even wrapping an arm around her.

All of the members seemed to have formed a close friendship with each other. Both TWICE and ITZY looked really comfortable and looked like they had a lot to tell each other as they all gathered to chat.

It was also evident how TWICE takes good care of their hoobaes well and how friendly they are, making sure they were okay and even walking with them to exit the stage.