TWICE Talks About How They Wrote The Lyrics For Their Latest Album Tracks

“Even though it was difficult, it was a good experience.”

At the group’s showcase for their album, “What is Love?”, the girls of TWICE revealed how they ended up writing lyrics for songs on the album!


Jihyo, who wrote the lyrics for the track “HO!”, gave a little bit of background on how she penned the song.

“The members who wanted to participate in writing lyrics were able to. I wrote this song while imagining the emotions of a girl in love.”  — Jihyo


Chaeyoung, who composed the lyrics for “SWEET TALKER”, revealed that the song was penned in partnership with Jeongyeon.

“Jeongyeon-unnie wrote around half of the lyrics for ‘SWEET TALKER’ before I started writing. We ended up finishing the lyrics together. The song is about not being blinded by sweet talk, and setting yourself straight.” — Chaeyoung


Nayeon also participated by recording the guide vocals for the song!

“Nayeon-unnie recorded the guide vocals for us when we were in Japan. For over 2 hours, the 3 of us [Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon, Nayeon] worked hard in our hotel room. Even though it was difficult, it was a good experience.” — Chaeyoung


Looks like all of their hard work paid off, because the girls of TWICE are already breaking records!

TWICE Already Broke 2 Music Chart Records With “What Is Love?”

Source: Sports Today and Biz Enter