You Probably Forgot That TWICE Once Had Three More Members

The group once had twelve members!

TWICE have been dominating as a nine-member group ever since they debuted, but many people have forgotten that the group once had twelve members if they knew at all!


So when did the group go from nine to twelve? Well, at the end of 2016, the girl group performed at the KBS Entertainment Awards. The group had the whole audience dancing along to their first performance of “Cheer Up”.


But it was their second performance that had many jaws dropping. When the melody to “TT” started playing, the audience was expecting another fantastic performance by the nine members. Instead, they were surprised to find themselves being introduced to three new faces!


As the girls revealed Kim Soo Young, Song Young Gil, and Lee Sang Hoon from Gag Concert, the audience was in for one more surprise. In true comedic fashion, the three of them performed a never before heard rendition of “TT”!


The sudden appearance and new song definitely made a big impression on the audience. Some people couldn’t get over what they were seeing…


While others were totally digging the whole thing!


Meanwhile, another Gag Concert member was caught holding a “we apologize to all the viewers right now” sign!


Regardless of how the audience first reacted to the song, they were soon got into it because it was so unique and fun!


While these three members were only with the group for one song, the fans that do remember these three believe that their jaw-dropping performance should never be forgotten.


Check out TWICE’s “Cheer Up” performance as well as the twelve-member version of “TT” below!