TWICE Becomes First K-Pop Group To Work With Transgender Composer Kim Petras

Here’s another one for TWICE’s growing list of firsts.

TWICE has been trailblazing since their debut and have achieved many K-Pop firsts, so it’s not surprising that TWICE may be the first K-Pop group to co-write with an openly transgender composer.


Kim Petras is a transgender German singer and songwriter currently based in Los Angeles. In addition to her own music, Kim Petras has written songs for other artists, including Klaas, Vali, JoJo, and Skylar Stecker.


She also featured on the Charli XCX song “Unlock It” with Jay Park, last year.


Kim Petras has now been credited with co-writing the music for a song on TWICE’s upcoming EP, Yes or Yes.


Kim Petras, CJ Abraham, and MXK have been credited with writing the music for “Young & Wild”, while Chaeyoung and Kim Hyun-yoo (Flying Lab) have been credited with writing its lyrics.


When fans found out about Kim Petras’s involvementthey couldn’t have been more thrilled.


Many are excited to see what kind of vibe she contributes to the track…


…and can’t wait to hear it!


Luckily, ONCEs won’t have to wait much longer. Yes or Yes is scheduled to drop on November 5.