TWICE Uses A Trick To Dance Perfectly In-Sync, And It Took Nearly Seven Years To Perfect

It’s more than just memorization.

One of the most enjoyable aspects about K-Pop is watching a group perform a difficult choreography in perfect synchronization. Usually, the fewer the members, the easier it is for them to achieve.

That’s why it’s incredibly mind-boggling how good JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE is at keeping in-sync with each other!

TWICE | @mtvfreshout/Twitter

With nine members, it can’t be easy. Each member is incredibly skilled, with none lagging far behind.

The girls shared their trick in a recently released behind the scenes video of their dance practice for “Talk That Talk.”

In between a grueling practice session, Mina, Momo, and Nayeon sat down for a much-deserved break. Mina explained that she finds herself “just plopping down without realizing it” because the couch pulls her in.

Hearing that, the members were asked if “getting the numbers right” is the most difficult part. Momo explained that they have a method to help them keep up with each other—they memorize numbers to mark where they’re supposed to be in the formation.

They believe that dance choreographies are a combination of math and science. Merely memorizing the moves isn’t enough.

Choreography is all about math and science. Memorizing is really hard. We have to be in perfect sync since there are nine of us, you know? So we mark the number to remember where to be when, so if you forget that number, you’re doomed.

— Momo

Mina then gave an example, saying that even a 0.5 difference is noticeable. However, it isn’t a perfect system because she sometimes forgets what number she’s supposed to be in. Luckily, since she’s already in her 7th year in the industry, she knows what to do whenever that happens.

I forgot it a lot before, but I have my know-hows since it’s my 7th year. I know what to do even when I forget. When you are 3, it’s like this. But 2.5 is here.

— Mina

It’s gotten a lot easier,” she concluded.

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