Here’s TWICE’s Foolproof Trick To Having Perfectly Synchronized Choreographies

It really works!

TWICE‘s choreographies never disappoint, and one reason is because the girls are always so perfectly synchronized!

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Hungama, TWICE’s Chaeyoung revealed their trick to moving at the same time.

The topic was brought up when they were asked how much time they spend recording a song and practicing its choreography.

How much does TWICE prepare before a comeback? How much time is invested from recording to actually putting together the choreography?

— Bollywood Hungama

Chaeyoung answered on behalf of her members, revealing that the first step in every comeback is to record the title track. Afterwards, they use the recording to start practicing the dance.

The process of our comeback usually starts with recording the song. Once the song recording process is completed, we dive into the choreography practice.

— Chaeyoung

She and her members “become very serious” because they want to make sure that each movement is on point.

Their foolproof trick to being synchronized is to film themselves dancing. They then review the video to check if every angle in their body matches each other.

We try to move as one group by filming ourselves dancing and checking if the angles of our arms, legs, and movements match each other.

— Chaeyoung

TWICE practices hard until they’ve perfected it, and the result is always breathtaking!

Source: Bollywood Hungama