TWICE Tried To Replicate Stray Kids’ “Circus” Choreography With Chaotic Results

Leaving the TWICE members alone for too long is just asking for a disaster.

The friendship between TWICE and their JYP Entertainment junior group Stray Kids, is no secret. Although their recorded interactions have been limited, they have been friends since their debut.

TWICE members (above) and Stray Kids members (below) | @realstraykids/Instagram

Over the years, they have had a few chances to collaborate, like in Nayeon‘s solo extended play b-side, “No Problem,” which featured Stray Kids’ Felix.

TWICE’s Nayeon (left) performing “No Problem” with Stray Kids’ Felix (right) | TWICE/YouTube

As well as in Tzuyu‘s melody project covering Taylor Swift‘s “ME!” featuring Stray Kids’ Bang Chan.

Recently, TWICE showed how they’re massive STAYs by attempting to copy the athletic choreography of Stray Kids’ Japanese single, “Circus,” in the spare time of one of their dance practices.

TWICE members during their dance practice | TWICE/YouTube
Stray Kids performing their “Circus” choreography 

Their first attempts produced some painful and questionable results.

Eventually, mixing the members around allowed them to succeed (barely!)

Everyone wanted a turn on the TWICE ride, especially Momo, since she was always holding the others up. Sadly, the members quickly realized that the tallest and more stable members must be in the center or else.

Despite falling, the members deemed it as somewhat of a success!

They tried again, and Momo was hit with some hard facts from Jeongyeon.

Like in their performances, TWICE would not stop until they achieved perfection!

There’s no telling where TWICE finds the energy to fool around in between their rigorous dance practices. It’s great to see them having fun, and hopefully, fans will see more interaction between the two groups soon!

Watch TWICE’s complete dance practice for “Talk That Talk” below.

Source: TWICE/YouTube