TWICE Truly Shined in Their OhBoy Magazine Pictorial

There’s a separate cover for each member.

Late last year, TWICE graced the cover of OhBoy! Magazine‘s 9th-anniversary edition.

What was special about this edition was that OhBoy! Magazine created a cover for each of the TWICE members.

Each member was photographed in a way that really brought out their individual charms.

Some may say their favorite TWICE members never looked better in a pictorial.

Let’s take a look at each cover in more detail:

1. Jihyo

2. Jungyeon

3. Chaeyoung

4. Mina

5. Sana

6. Nayeon

7. Momo

8. Dahyun

9. Tzuyu

These shots of TWICE were so popular that fans from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and even the States and Canada got busy trying to find themselves a copy.

Now that’s the “TWICE effect” in action.

Source: Break News