TWICE’s Tzuyu And Chaeyoung Reveal How They Spend Their Days Off

When they’re not on stage, here’s what they’ve been up to.

Following the release of their latest title track “More & More”, TWICE have been busy promoting it on music shows and attending variety shows.

When they’re not on stage or attending schedules, how do they spend their time? Tzuyu and Chaeyoung revealed what they do during an interview for Interview Magazine.

When asked what her typical day looks like, Chaeyoung pointed out how the pandemic has changed the way they go about their day. “Life is different right now due to the virus. Before, we were all very busy with a schedule, but right now, I get to have some free time.”

With their newfound free time, Chaeyoung likes to take it easy. She relaxes by diving into a story or getting lost in YouTube, “I enjoy reading books and watching YouTube videos.”

Tzuyu spent her days differently. Even when she’s not obligated to work, she manages to keep her skills sharp by practicing and staying active through exercise.

She also finds a way to treat herself. Tzuyu snacks on the food she finds most delicious, “When I have a day off, I like to rehearse by myself, eat my favorite foods, and workout.”

Even though they can’t do some of the things they’d typically do, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are finding ways to take a load off and relax. Between all of the touring and promotions they did last year, they deserve a bit of a break.

Source: Interview Magazine