TWICE’s Tzuyu And CLC’s Elkie Had The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Date

They’re making everyone jealous.

For just about every occasion, best friends TWICE‘s Tzuyu and CLC‘s Elkie bless everyone with photos of the fun time they spend together. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, they shared the best moments from their sweet date.

While cutely pretending to take sips from their cups, Tzuyu and Elkie showed off the new white mugs they’d bought together, the first letter of their names right on their fronts.

They also snapped a photo where Elkie had a piece of her hair flipped over a roller. Although the look was funnily out of place, she still looked just as gorgeous as the smiling Tzuyu.

To take a more serious photo, they snapped one where they both were standing side by side, looking warmly at the camera. The best part of their date was the photos taken in the photo booth.

In the first and last photos, they posed naturally with a smile and laughter. For the second, they decided to have fun with it, holding their hands in the air. Wanting to show off their cute side, Elkie poked Tzuyu’s cheeks in the third.

Why be lonely on Valentine’s Day when you can spend it having fun with your best friend and eating sweet treats?