TWICE’s Tzuyu Demanded Her Message For AOA’s Seolhyun Be Heard

“Please, don’t edit this part out.”

For SBS‘s most recent Gayo DaejunTWICE‘s Tzuyu was given the opportunity to participate in a special dance stage with AOA‘s Seolhyun. It was such a hit that it left fans wishing for another collaboration between them.

While Seolhyun thanked Tzuyu through an Instagram post about the event, Tzuyu had her own message for Seolhyun in their latest Too Much TWICE segment. Chatting with Dahyun, Tzuyu steered their conversation in a serious direction.

Wanting to prepare for sending a message to Seolhyun, she demanded everyone’s attention. She stated, “I have something to say. Please, don’t edit this part out.” The straightforwardness made Dahyun burst into laughter.

With the assurance her message would be included in the final product, Tzuyu went on to talk about how her time with Seolhyun had been and how much she appreciated it, “She was so nice to me, and I wanted to say thank you.”

Tzuyu revealed where they’d practiced the choreography for the collaboration and how at home Seolhyun made her feel, “We practiced together at her agency, and she was so kind.”

She had a constant flow of good things to say about her senior. Thinking it might’ve been too much, Tzuyu asked Dahyun if she was being too honest. Dahyun thought it was a positive thing, pointing out how heartfelt she was, “I feel your sincerity.”

It turns out Tzuyu and Seolhyun were just as thankful for each other. Since their chemistry in working together matched up so well, maybe a friendship will blossom between them.

Seolhyun and Tzuyu would be the ultimate duo. Check out Tzuyu’s important message for Seolhyun here.