Famous Japanese Plastic Surgeon Lists TWICE’s Tzuyu As A Face Clients Often Demand

Her beauty is truly one to be envied.

Recently a famed plastic surgeon, Mikiya Takasu of Takasu Clinic was asked what type of faces his clients often requested. So, he listed many female celebrities that his clients request including mostly many famous Japanese actresses and singers. Though ONCE’s were delighted when TWICE‘s Tzuyu appeared as the only K-Pop idol on the list.

It is no surprise as Tzuyu’s beauty is very well known in the K-Pop community. She has been on the TC Candler’s “100 Most Beautiful Faces Of 2020” list 6 times, ranking fourth this year and first in 2019.  Mikiya comments that Tzuyu has a “naturally beautiful face with no defects“.

This actually happens to be her second appearance on his lists as she appeared on the surgeon’s list last year as well. Last year he made the comment, “Tzuyu was born a beautiful woman. You may think you can look like a K-Pop idol, but it’s hard to be beautiful.

Her beauty is truly one to be envied.