TWICE’s Tzuyu Once Chose The Facial Feature She Wants From Another Member

She finds it beautiful!

TWICE‘s Tzuyu may be one of K-Pop’s most recognized visuals, but even she would change a part of her face if she could!

In a past radio show appearance, Tzuyu was asked if she had ever wanted another member’s facial feature.

Have you ever thought, ‘I want this part from this friend,’ whether it’s the eye or nose or something?

— DJ

After thinking over the question for a short moment, she chose Nayeon’s lips…

…and Nayeon hilariously joked that she could have them!

Lips? I’ll give them to you. Take them.

— Nayeon

Tzuyu explained that she admires how “thick and cute” Nayeon’s lips are.

Tzuyu wasn’t joking—Nayeon truly boasts thick, full lips that are undeniably beautiful!

Tzuyu claimed her lips are thin in comparison to Nayeon’s: “My lips are on the thin side.

Tzuyu may want to fuller lips if she had the chance, but there’s nothing she needs to change because she’s already gorgeous as is!

Whether it’s thick lips like Nayeon’s…

…or thin lips like Tzuyu’s, both are absolutely stunning!

Watch the full video below to see more of TWICE!

Source: Once Zone Subs


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