TWICE’s Tzuyu And Jeongyeon Mixing Up ITZY And Stray Kids’ Songs And Names Is Too Funny

These seniors have a little more catching up to do on their juniors 🤣

Through their various content, TWICE never fails to give fans everything they could want, from touching moments to comedic ones.

In the latest episode of Noraebang Battle, not only did they mention their juniors Stray Kids and ITZY, but it took a funny turn.

The way Jeongyeon and Tzuyu mixed up the two group’s song names and group names had the rest of their members cracking up. They’ve even become new lines to add to their iconic collection.

As TWICE split into teams, the objective of the game was to correctly guess both the artist and song title from a snippet that’s played. At the sound of Stray Kids’ “My Pace”, they all thought they knew the answer.

After Mina, Dahyun, and Nayeon incorrectly guessed the first song that came to mind by Stray Kids, “District 9”, Jeongyeon came to everyone’s rescue. There was a funny twist; it wasn’t in the way she expected.

Jeongyeon confidently came to the front, wearing her spectacular sunglasses and mustache combo. Raising her hand, she said, “Stray Kids’ My Peace.” While it gave everyone a good laugh, it lit a lightbulb above their heads. Dahyun swept right it to earn the win, thanks to Jeongyeon’s hilarious hint. The same happened with Tzuyu.

At the sound of ITZY’s “ICY”, everyone knew what it was, all of their hands shooting up into the air. Tzuyu was just a little faster than them all. When she began to answer, she had the funniest mishap. She called the group, “ICY’s…” Everyone instantly echoed, “ICY?”

Since Tzuyu mixed up the song name with the group name, it gave everyone else the hint they needed to make sure they were right. Just like in Jeongyeon’s case, Dahyun swooped in to take the win for her team.

It was such a funny turn of events that even Jeongyeon couldn’t keep from making it more entertaining. She joked, “ICY’s ‘ITZY’,” making them all laugh harder than before. Sana and Momo were bent over cracking up.

Stray Kids’ “My Peace” and ICY’s “ITZY”? Those guesses are so funny even their juniors wouldn’t be able to stop laughing, just like the members of TWICE couldn’t.

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