TWICE Reveals That Tzuyu Is The Member Most Likely To Make Them Laugh, And Here’s The Proof They Gave

She just exudes positive energy!

TWICE recently appeared on a video with Buzzfeed in their famous segment Who’s Who. During the video, the group was given a list of questions and had to pick which member it related to the most.

One of the questions asked, “Who’s most likely to make you laugh at any given time?

At first, there seemed to be mixed results. Many of the members having the ability to make the group laugh. Yet, after trying to narrow it down, Jeongyeon and Nayeon had to pick Tzuyu! Nayeon even added that “Tzuyu naturally makes me want to laugh.”

With an answer set, the members couldn’t leave fans without some examples of times when Tzuyu all of TWICE laughing! Jeongyeon seemed to think of a story straight away, and, even before she started telling it, Momo knew what she was going to say.

We were getting our make-up done when the make-up artist asked, ‘Tzuyu, aren’t you cold?’ She replied, ‘I’m okay,’ as her nose was running a trail of snot.

— Jeongyeon

As funny as the members found it, Dahyun had another story. It seems as if Tzuyu just has this natural ability to make the people around her smile.

Tzuyu takes care of her two dogs, Butter and Kaya. Butter had pooped one day, and it was in the shape of a heart. So, seeing that, she said, ‘Butter, you’re so sweet,’ that he pooped that heart shape for her.

— Dahyun

Jeongyeon then added that Tzuyu even sent a picture of the heart to the group chat with such pride! Dahyun found it so adorable that she even had to re-enact the scene making the members laugh!

There is no denying that every group needs one person who can lighten the mood with their presence, and Tzuyu is that member! You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Buzzfeed and FI


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