TWICE’s Tzuyu And Nayeon Were Once Chosen As The Cutest Whiners In The Group—Here’s Why

“She whines cutely” ❤️

In a past radio show appearance, TWICE was asked to pick the cutest and biggest whiners in the group. After some thought, they chose Nayeon and Tzuyu, and they had fun stories to explain why!

Chaeyoung started off by saying that Tzuyu wasn’t originally someone who whined often. Now, however, whenever she does whine, it’s always in a cute manner!

Tzuyu does whine a lot lately. In the beginning, she didn’t…whine? She whines cutely.

— Chaeyoung

Jihyo shared that there is one occasion when Tzuyu jokingly whines without fail—whenever they accidentally bump into each other. Hilariously, even if they just barely collide, Tzuyu would still jokingly pretend that she got hurt!

Tzuyu does whine jokingly. Like if I just bump into her slightly, she will cry out.

— Jihyo

Much to the amusement of everyone present, Jeongyeon joked that Tzuyu only does that because it’s Jihyo, “She only did this to you. She did it because it’s you.

The MC of the radio show then asked why they picked Nayeon, and Jeongyeon revealed that it’s because Nayeon often exaggerates about how sick she feels.

According to Jeongyeon, one second Nayeon would be complaining about her sickness, but the next second she would be making jokes!

Maybe like when she caught a cold then she will say, ‘Ah, I’m so sick.‘ She exaggerates. But then we joke around together, and it’s like one second later…Then it really doesn’t seem like she’s sick.

— Jeongyeon

On the flip side, Jeongyeon explained that Nayeon never feigns exhaustion. “But when we’re tired, she’s really tired.

The way Nayeon and Tzuyu jokingly whine to their members just goes to show how fun their personalities are!

Learn more about the girls in the full interview below.

Source: Once Zone Subs