TWICE’s Tzuyu Opens Up About Her Feelings On Collab With AOA’s Seolhyun

Tzuyu had been a little bit nervous at first.

For SBS‘s most recent Gayo DaejunTWICE‘s Tzuyu and AOA‘s Seolhyun shared the stage for a killer collaboration performance that fans of both groups loved.


In a recent clip from TWICE TV, Tzuyu revealed her feelings about it before she had to go up on stage.

At the time, Tzuyu had been nervous about the stage. Despite that, she was looking forward to it. She was ready to show all the effort the two had been putting in to make the performance as close to perfect as possible.

Tzuyu was certain their stage would live up to fans’ expectations. She said she’d work hard on showing a performance that would be “pretty, cool, and sexy.” In the end, Seolhyun and Tzuyu lived up to the words those words.

Tzuyu didn’t have to worry. Their dancing turned out to be the right balance between all three. Most importantly, Tzuyu became closer with “Seolhyun sunbae-nim.”

The collaboration was such as success that Seolhyun included Tzuyu in the letter she posted to her Instagram, thanking everyone for their support that day. Specifically, she claimed she’d grown closer to Tzuyu as if they were a part of the same group.


Tzuyu didn’t have anything to worry about a thing. With all the effort and sincerity they put into it, they not only did well but grew closer. Listen to her thoughts about the cool collaboration here.