TWICE’s Tzuyu Shares Why She Originally Thought Park Jin Young Was A Comedian

Tzuyu was quite skeptical when she got cast by JYP Entertainment.

Park Jin Young is known as both an artist and the founder of JYP Entertainment.

However, it seems that TWICE‘s Tzuyu didn’t know much about Park Jin Young when she got cast by JYP Entertainment.

During a recent episode of Radio Star, Tzuyu shared that when she got cast by JYP Entertainment, she didn’t know anything about the company.

She even thought that it was possibly a scam and asked some of her friends to help her find out if JYP Entertainment was a real company.

Tzuyu did know who Park Jin Young was, but she originally thought that he was a comedian and not someone involved in music!

The hosts understood why Tzuyu felt this way, as they talked about how Park Jin Young has the “image” of a comedian.

Tzuyu explained that the first time she saw Park Jin Young was when he was on the K-Drama Dream High.

In Dream High, Park Jin Young played a rather silly character, which is the reason why Tzuyu thought that he was a comedian!