TWICE’s Tzuyu Rarely Cries, But She Once Cried When Thinking Of Abandoned Bunnies

Here’s what happened.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is such a sweetheart that she once cried over bunnies.

As fans would know, Tzuyu rarely ever sheds tears in front of the camera. Even if the group just won something as big as their first award, you’d be hard pressed to see her cry!

TWICE’s Tzuyu 

When they were filming the music video for “Signal,” however, she surprised everyone when she suddenly started crying.

It all started when the director told her that they were going to leave the bunnies on the island after filming.

The thought of abandoning the bunnies broke Tzuyu’s heart. She didn’t realize that they were just making a joke.

Her first instinct was to turn to the bunnies and sincerely apologize to them over and over again, saying, “I’m so sorry, so sorry.

In disbelief, Dahyun informed her members that Tzuyu had to leave for a moment to fix her makeup because she was crying so much.

Seriously, Tzuyu is crying. She went in to cover her makeup. She keeps crying.

— Dahyun 

When Tzuyu returned, she was able to smile again when she learned that it was all just a joke.

The best part was when she was told that the bunnies were going to be adopted because of her.

Tzuyu’s love and care for animals proves just how kindhearted she is!

Source: Twitter