TWICE’s Tzuyu Reveals The Idol She Wants To Collab With The Most

Can you take a guess?

Among the hundreds of idols currently active in the K-Pop industry, there is one that TWICE‘s Tzuyu has set her eyes on.

She may be looking forward to certain groups in 2020, but if it comes to collaborations, Tzuyu has chosen a very specific sunbae.

She picked none other than Red Velvet‘s Seulgi!

The reason she revealed to the Ilgan Sports was very simple.

I like her! She’s very cool.

– Tzuyu

Both Tzuyu and Seulgi are well-known dancers in their groups.


Their visuals are also out of this world.


If Tzuyu’s wish to make a project group with Seulgi ever panned out, this collab would be a visual-talent hit!